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Thursday, 6 October 2016

ULearn16: Breakout One - Mike Scaddan: Learning to Learn

Mike Scaddan is a person who I find inspiring.  The first time I saw Mike speak was when I was a wee baby teacher in the 90s.  Mike was invited to speak by the Matamata Principal's Association and the principals brought their staff along.  At the time Mike was the principal of Te Puna School near Tauranga.  In 2004 Mike left Te Puna School and set up his own business, Brain Stems, where: Mike can tailor make programmes to meet your individual and group needs offering advice about brain compatible learning based upon neuro, cognitive and behavioural science.

I've been to one of Mike's breakouts every year since 2011, except for last year because he was not there.  I like Mike's positivity.  I like how Mike peppers his presentation with personal experience.  I like how Mike opens up my understanding of how the brain works.  I like how Mike inspires change.

Below is my Storify of the tweets I tweeted during this session.  I have added some notes between some of the tweets to give context or further explanation.  Even though I didn't think the photos would come out any good, I ended up taking photos.  They are not flash however.

Sadly, Storify has deleted itself from the Social Media scene, so all my Storify stories have gone.  😭😭😭😭😭

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