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Monday, 31 October 2016

Monster Art with a younger class

Last term I relieved in a class where I used these two books to inspire art and writing with a Year 4/5 class and I blogged about it in this post, Art inspired by writing inspired by picture books...

Last week the teacher from the neighbouring class booked me and asked for this same experience for her Year 3/4 class.  Andrea said she had been reading the blog about what Sherane's class and I did and she really liked it.  So below are the pictures I took of the process and their creativity.






I love how children, when given the opportunity to make their own choices as an artist, really show their creativity.  However, I am do wonder about the desire for children to include guns and swords and the like in a monster.  What are we, as a society, allowing our children to see in their media world that encourages this?

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