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Monday, 9 October 2017

The Beasts Beneath the Bed - Art with NE classes

Relieving has been a blast for the last seven terms.  I've been lucky enough to relieve in a variety of schools and classes and be creative with the students on the day. 

This coming term I will be going back to fulltime teaching.  I will be setting up a New Entrants class and this is my first time teaching New Entrants so it shall be a huge learning curve for me.

So the next few posts will be a bit of a "I did this while relieving" burst before I start posting about setting up my new class.

So I'm starting with the art I did with two different New Entrant classes at two different schools based on the book The Beast Beneath the Bed, which is a delightful book which rhymes.

Below is the finished product from the first school.  I started these with the class and the teacher finished them off as we ran out of time and I think they look gorgeous.

This is the cover and back of the book to give you an idea about what the book is about.

I wanted these to be as bright and colourful as possible, so I selected a variety of coloured A4 paper.  The children choose the colour they wanted to work with.  With the rest of the coloured paper I cut out an oval shape.  Each child choose the colour they wanted and glued it on.

I then used the scraps to cut out hands and feet.  The goal was for the children to have another colour for the hands and another colour for the feet.  I was amused with where they put their hands and feet.
I then found some red paper for the mouth and cut out a lot of mouths.  I cut out different shapes for noses and a lot of circles for eyes.
As you can see at the top, Gabrielle, the classroom teacher finished them off with googly eyes, material scraps, wool and other bits and pieces to make the Beasts messy looking.
 The ones below are the ones I did at a different school.

 As you can see we used scraps of wool, chocolate wrappers and bits of material.
We started off using glue sticks to glue the paper on, but when it came to the other bits, we used PVA glue as it just works better.

As you can see, some of these students were very creative with where they put the different body parts. 

On this particular day I was quite limited with the paper I had available.  But we did the best with what we had.

It is a really good idea to have everything cut out in advance and to let the students be creative.  No two should be the same and that makes it more fun.
I'm looking forward to trying this with my own NE class this term and seeing how I can improve on it.

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