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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

ULearn16: Keynote Speaker Two - John Couch

John Couch was the second Keynote Speaker at ULearn16.

This is the bio for John Couch from the ULearn Keynote Speaker information page:

John leads the Education business at Apple - his more than 40 years as a computer scientist and his advocacy for the use of technology in education has revolutionised learning in the classroom. At Apple, our dedication to learning has always been a part of our DNA.
Since joining Apple in 1978 as the Director of New Products, John went on to become Apple’s first Vice President of Software and Vice President and General Manager for the Lisa division, Apple’s first Graphics User Interface computer.
John has been heavily involved in the education market since 1985 and was Chairman of the Board at Santa Fe Christian School for 10 years. Under his leadership, the school’s annual losses were annulled and the student body grew from 150 to 1000.
John holds a Bachelor degree in computer science and a Masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science, both from the University of California at Berkeley where he was honoured in 2000 as a Distinguished Alumnus. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters and a “Leadership in Innovation Award” from Philadelphia University.

I am going to use photos from John's presentation to illustrate most of my reflection as I was distracted by connection issues and thinking about my previous breakout during this Keynote.

 Why does your school exist?  What is the purpose of your school?  What is the vision.

"Nana I can not spend the night with you until you have wifi."  That's how I feel about going to someone else's house!

"When I went to school collaboration was called cheating.  Every project I was asked to do was as an individual."

Any institution that is based on average is doomed to fail.

There is not enough time in the week for a teacher to find the right educational learning activity for every child.  We are expected to meet the child with learning that is in their flow - but that's impossible.

This is the Storify of tweets for John Couch's Keynote below.  I didn't tweet very much as I was having connection issues.

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