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Monday, 16 January 2017

Christmas Lights art activity with Juniors

I know that it is a wee bit after Christmas now, but you can save this in your Christmas Pinterest for next year.

I got this idea from Pinterest and thought it would be an effective activity to do with a junior classroom.  Robyn, whose room I had been in several times, had a wall that was begging for a bit of artwork and was happy to have some children's artwork to fill the gap in the last two weeks of school.

You simply need:
  • black A4 sized cartridge paper for each child
  • a green crayon each
  • a paint tray with yellow, red, blue and green paint
  • children with fingers.
I did this activity with four children at a time.  Other children were completing literacy activities and I called up the children according to where they were on the roll so I did not miss any out.

We started first by drawing a wiggly line using the green crayon across the page.  Then we used a finger to dip in the red paint and tap it along the line at random points.  Then repeat with another finger with the yellow paint, repeat again with a third finger with the green paint and again a fourth finger with the blue paint.

You could try and match up  the lines from page to page if you are fussy enough....

I then finger painted a title to  got with the display using black paper and the same paints.  Below are the finished works of this Year 1/2 class.  I didn't go back to the school to see the wall display, but I'm sure it was awesome.

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  1. There looked great Melanie. Thank you. I'll see if I took a photo of the wall when they all went up. I was thinking of getting some Christmas lights to enhance the display but didn't because of the big move but that would have looked incredible.