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Saturday, 9 May 2015

#edsketch15 Days 6, 7 and 8: A Mixed Bag

This #edsketch15 requires me to reflect on each day in pictures.  I still write though.  While I find pictures to be essential and I am a habitual doodler, I love words.  So each time I publish these words here, I reveal a little more of myself.
On Wednesday night, after a day of considering many things for the future, I was ready to zone out in front of the television.  Alas I do not control the remote, and she-who-controls-the-remote condemned the rest of us to watch The Bachelor NZ on TV3. 
To keep myself sane I turned to Twitter.  Of course Twitter was a buzz with the final of The Bachelor NZ - who will Art choose and the like - and many of us took the mickey out of the situation.
Thankfully after critically reviewing all the drama on one of the worst shows ever to grace our screens, I was happily distracted by #dojochatanz.  It was very pleasant to discuss how, when, why, what devices are use for in the classroom  I find these chats always open up thoughts and investigations you would not otherwise have thought about or looked into.
When you teach full time, you do not get to go out for lunch.  Sometimes lunch just doesn't happen because you are so busy.  Personally, I am no good if I do not have lunch.  I am like a bear with a sore head and kids really do not need that.  Teachers need to say no to other things in lunch times sometimes and look after themselves, nourish their body and brain.  Food and drink is important to keep the electrical impulses in the brain functioning correctly, to keep up energy physically and to keep a person on the straight and narrow mentally.
So while I am not working full time, I am taking opportunities to do things with friends I would otherwise rarely see.  On Thursday, my friend Melissa (from way back in high school days) and I went out to lunch and had the opportunity to catch up without work, children, cats, phones.... all the interferences life can bring.
The British general election also occurred this week.  As a professional who wants the best for education, children and teachers world wide, I keep abreast of the international education news as best as I can.  I also had a year as a day supply teacher in London. 
England has long been in the grip of neo-liberal education policies which we refer to as GERM (Global Education Reform Movement) in education circles.  We have watched as the UK has proceeded down the path of national testing and its implications.  We have seen how Ofsted has foisted its expectations on UK schools, and how the government has forced borough schools to become academies (aka charter schools) as part of its accountability drive. 
So late on Friday night, as the election results were confirmed to show the Conservatives had won their first past the post election, I decided to demonstrate my solidarity with UK teachers.  I wanted them to know "kiaora" or hello, we are here and we hear you.
I wanted them to know that we want them to stay strong, "kia kaha", and continue to fight, because we too fight for our rights to be able to do the best for our students in spite of government policies that exist and cause us grief.
I wanted them to know "aroha nui" - love - because they need to know we know their struggle, even if we do not speak it.
As the title of this post said, this post really was a mixed bag of ideas and reflections.  I hope you got something our of it. 

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