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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kevin Honeycutt - Keynote #3 at ULearn12 - Collaborate, Innovate and Educate

Ok, so I am doing this completely from notes on Twitter.  After last year at ULearn11, I found that using my laptop all the time meant a flat battery and not many opportunities to charge.  It was tricky to balance during keynotes too.  Also my shoulders and neck needed realignment from lugging the laptop and other gear about.  This year I bought a tablet so that it could fit in my handbag and would be easier to use at keynotes and not damage my body.  However, until I find a good app for notetaking on it, Twitter seemed to be my best option  -  besides, I can also use the tweets of others (thank you to the others).

So after being in Kevin Honeycutt's breakout the day before, I was interested to see what his keynote would be like.  Yes, some of the same stories resurfaced, but Kevin had plenty more in his goody sack to share with the ULearn12 faithful.

  • Don't wait to get good at something to do it.
  • Make a video for your great grandkids so they know who you are.
  • Video your teaching so that the students can "rewind" when they fall behind in their learning.
  • Treat the scariest kid in your class like they are the only one you trust.
  • Twitter allows us to be surrounded by great minds and peers when we need them.  Twitter friends have your back; they are your support crew.
  • Do unto others as you would have done to you online.
  • Technology is another "language" and kids learn languages quickly so immerse kids in languages.
  • Our kids are good, but they are kids... they sometimes do stupid things - but we love them still!!
  • When it comes to Twitter/Facebook/other social networks:  Think before you push the button!!  Think:  Am I proud of this?  Would I mind if I am famous for this for the rest of my life?  Our kids need to think about this before they post.  Your kid's name is their brand!  Are they peeing in their pool before they get into it?  Google alert your kid's name for life so you know what they are doing online and what other people are saying about them.
  • These devices are like windows - the kids are using them to talk to other people, so they need to learn digital etiquette.  Teach the kids to manage their devices rather than their devices managing them.
  • What technology do our kids have in their pockets?  There is more tech in their pockets than what took man to the moon.
  • Party telephone lines were the original social network.
  • If you clean it up too much it's not going to be good learning.
  • Are you listening teachers?
  • Kevin makes his kid pay "rent" on his laptop  -  produce a piece of work you are proud of; if you like using apps, create an app.
  • If we get kids doing great things with technology, they won't have time to do bad things with technology... or anything else.  The trick is to help them learn to do it responsibly and safely.
  • Technology creates a buffet of opportunities.... but most of our learners are just eating the napkins.
  • Google the video on YouTube 'Charlie bit my finger'.  It really illustrates the idea think before you act.
  • Book recommendation:  The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton.
  • Kids are doing amazing things now.  A 16 year old can be counting up the takings for the day, shutting and locking up a shop for their boss, holding the boss' livelihood in their hands - and the next day they have to put their hand up for permission to go to the toilet.
  • An invention is an idea that no one agrees with.  How can we make it ok to invent?  It is messy, but we have to give the kids choices.
  • Kids can do anything, sell anywhere.
  • If all we are doing is getting kids ready to pass tests, we are creating middle management.  Why do I need to learn this?  Make it matter.
  • Teaching in juvie is like PD for teachers - full of angry people who don't want to be there and one of them may shank you.
  • http://www.rescuetime.com/  -  website recommended by Kevin to help with time management.

  • You are a safer when you drive with your spouse - they want to live too.  How good are you at texting and driving.  Draw a perfect circle with one hand and a triangle with the other at the same time.  Were you successful? 
  • Kid:  "I can't draw!"  If you are not willing to be bad at something, you'll never be good at something.
  • Cognitive blisters  -  kids always stop learning the guitar at the same place, when they get blisters on their fingers.  It is the same with other forms of learning, except the blisters are on their brain.
  • Band and Voice Band on the iPad look like heaps of fun and so creative.  Voice Band can turn your voice into a guitar!!  You can make the music sound like real music.  Anyone can be a musician!!  Check out more about it here:  http://www.wavemachinelabs.com/Products/voice-band
  • Don't just snack on other people's brilliance - produce something!!
  • Good teachers may plant the seeds they do not use in the shade.
  • Make the kids hate you for a day so that they will love you for a lifetime.
  • If you don't start, you can never get better.  Don't wait.  This is your life and you only get one shot at it.

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