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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Room 3 Camp March 2012 - Day Four - done and dusted!!

Again it was a worrying night over what the weather for our last day would be like.  We had a outdoor activity planned at High Zone, on the way out of Whitianga, and even light rain would cancel the activity.

We ate a slap up breakfast (eggs, sausages, spaghetti, toast, cereal, fruit...), made lunch, packed up and headed the big five minute drive out of town.  There was a mini shower, but that was it for the day.  The rest of the day was hot and sweaty!!!  Even if you weren't doing the hard work.

High Zone has the most wicked flying fox, a number of activities 12m up in the air and the dreaded swing, starting 15m up.  When we arrived, Penny and Geoff greeted us and gave us the big talk, then the children got kitted up in abseiling harnesses.

First up was the flying fox.  All the kids did this, and three parents, and I went last, which is just as well, because I freaked!!!  Luckily for me, the kids were all over at the other activities and didn't see how badly I freaked!!!  Penny  wasn't going to let me get away with not doing the flying fox.

The activities the kids did over in the 12m high section were the three wire and the log.  Each person had to climb up the poles to get to the action.  They are attached by ropes to their harnesses, and Penny and Geoff had complete control the whole time to control descent.  Even though I knew this, watching my kids climb up, move along the wire or long and complete tasks, I still had lumps in my throat and knots in my stomach.

A few children freaked out on the log activity or didn't want to do the swing, so Penny offered them other options so that they still felt success.

Watching the swing was amazing.  You climb up to this platform that is 15m up, and then you literally jump.  Yes, you have the abseiling rope attached to you, so you won't hit the ground, but you have to have guts to jump.  I admire the kids and one parent who achieved it.  

The children decided that High Zone was the best part of camp in the end.  They were all amped up with what they had achieved, but tired and ready to go home.

At 1:00pm I waved them all bye-bye and watched them leave for the three hour plus trip home.  And I went to the pub and had a JD and coke and put my sore leg up.

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