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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Day Two of being a New Entrant teacher - some early learnings

So I've only been a New Entrant teacher for two days, but I have some early learnings I thought I should reflect on while I remember to do it. 

  • You are hyper aware all the time and need to watch what is happening because things change quickly and it can all blow up (not badly - yet - because we've seen it coming).  Consequently you are really tired at the end of the day.
  • I need to remember to wipe the tables down after morning tea and lunch eating time (spillage!) and keep a supply of spoons in the class for the kids who forget their spoon for their yoghurt.
  • Some children are more happy to talk than others.
  • While the child may have been ok on day one, reality sets in on day two and the tears flow - hence I spent 20 minutes having a cuddle with a little girl this morning until she felt she could get back into the flow.
  • It is important to do things like drawing side by side with the children.  This morning we had a session with the St John Ambulance educator and I wanted the children to draw a picture about it.  Some were not keen, so it took a bit of talking to get them started and sitting down to draw with them.

  • Get them to tell you the story of their picture as soon as possible after drawing it before they invent a new story because they forgot the story!
  • Some kids will not try because they are not experts - so this morning I had a chat with one wee boy about how much he has learnt already during his long five years of life (talking, walking, toileting, getting his own drink of water, etc), and while he thinks he is not good at something, we will end each statement with a YET - I also told him I am still learning how to do somethings too.
  • Packing up takes a long time - and the more stuff you play with the longer it takes to tidy up.
  • Printers hate the new person on staff.
  • You can not get everything sorted for the first week and you need to take it slow and add the achievable in each day, building up what you can do (hence doing the calendar and number work on the board).
  • I can not draw gorillas, rats or zebras.  The evidence is below.

I am however really thrilled we got a piece of work finished today to go on the walls, after a failed attempt yesterday to draw a picture of ourselves (back to the drawing board on that one).  So these pictures and stories went up on the wall this afternoon.  I hope they kids like seeing them tomorrow.

This little guy is my resident artist!!  He gives me pictures everyday!!

This wee girl is only on her second day at school, and she's a sharp we thing for the details.

As the teacher, you have to lead by example!

Don't they look cute dressed up as paramedics?


  1. Cute!!! Term 4 and the printer/photocopier and I are still not besties (even though I give it a hug and use my manners!!)
    Love the pics and stories your learners are producing. Tell them that their stories are very factual and I learnt a new word - paramedics!!

  2. Excuse me... "I cannot draw gorillas, rats or zebras....yet!"

    1. Excellent point Nic. I need to apply my own advice to myself.... and start practicing how to draw gorillas, rats and zebras!!